KHERUT's First Food Truck Update!

We are extremely excited because we have ordered KHERUT’s first food truck! We will be writing the check for the down payment very soon.

This is the first concrete step towards launching KHERUT, and it has been a long time coming for Yves and Jody Masquefa. All of your generous donations have made this step possible.

To launch our first food truck, we still have to raise $35,000 to finish paying for the truck and hire two sex trafficked survivors:

We can’t wait to show you photos as it is built… until then, here’s what we’re doing:

Yves is working hand in hand with the Fischer Group. They specialize in food service design, equipment, and supplies. 

The Fischer Group are currently creating 3 different versions of the food truck layout for Yves to test to ensure that there is the correct flow. This is important so the customers are served quickly and employees have a great and efficient experience. We’ll be posting a video of Yves in the test kitchens, so stay tuned!

This truck will not only be parked in a church parking lot, strategically chosen so it is close to businesses for the lunch hour, but also a platform for delivery and catering services. We already have partnerships with a church and a brewery, but you’ll have to subscribe to our blog to be the first to hear more about this!

As part of the first phase of KHERUT’s development, Yves’ Restaurant & Wine Bar will be supplying the food and supplies for the first food truck. Once the food truck is fully operational with lunch and dinner locations, it will be financially self-sustaining

Be a part of launching our first food truck and hire two survivors: 

Thank you for helping us transform the lives of these survivors.

We will share more about Phase 1 and our plans for Phase 2 in an upcoming blog.