Natalie is one of Kherut’s first employees.  She comes from an abusive home which opened the door to drug and alcohol addictions, being in and out of prison for a total of 10 years, 5 children with 3 different fathers and sadly, even losing one of her children to adoption.  She was stuck in a cycle of self-destruction with no hope and no way out.  Fortunately, Natalie found Casa Teresa, one of our partners, where she discovered she could start over.  She went through their program and set her mind to making the changes necessary to move forward.  Eventually she was given the opportunity for an internship  through another non-profit where she did well.  However, without a reliable car and full-time employment and with her past record still haunting her, a , permanent, full-time job seemed out of reach.  But then we met her! She came on board with Kherut ready to learn everything she could and is currently working in our kitchen and office; looking forward to the time in the not-so-distant future where she will be a leader on Kherut’s team.  It's been said, “Once a seed of hope takes root, it cannot be blown away even by the strongest wind!”  

Natalie sees Kherut as that seed in her life.  Now sober for 5 years, she has partial custody of two of her children and full-time custody of her youngest son.  She is living on her own and she is one of the most reliable, conscientious employees we have ever hired.  Natalie a true example of how giving someone a second or a third or even a fourth chance can make a difference!

Her journey isn't's just beginning!