”Keep Her Uplifted & Transformed”

Our name is inspired by the Hebrew phrase:
mi’avdut le’cherut • ”from slavery to freedom” • מעבדות לחירות


After witnessing the horrors of sex-trafficking in the Ukraine and Kenya, Yves and Jody Masquefa returned home to Orange County to find sex-trafficking was happening to Americans right here in California. Many of these victims were young women, just like their daughters. At that moment, Yves and Jody knew they had found where they wanted to make a difference.

Yves and Jody met with local organizations who rescue and rehabilitate victims and discovered one of the missing links—supporting survivors through career training and job placement. Without this assistance, many survivors return to their former life on the streets because they don’t have a way to independently support themselves and their children.

With over three decades of experience as a business owner, Yves and Jody knew they could step into this role to support these survivors with the tools to build career skills, social skills, and a strong resume.

Out of this KHERUT was born, with a mission to “Keep HER Uplifted & Transformed”.


In order to save the world, we have to start here at home. To ensure continued support for KHERUT, it was really important to Yves that whatever he built would be self-funding once it was up and running. After months of planning, Yves and the KHERUT team are excited to start building the first KHERUT business in the city of Anaheim, California, called a “Pod.” The employees of KHERUT will be female survivors* who are graduates from human trafficking rehabilitation centers around Orange County. As these women work at KHERUT, they will have the opportunity to learn career skills from customer service, cooking, bookkeeping, and inventory control, to marketing, graphic design, sales, multitasking, thinking outside of the box, and problem solving. 

Most importantly, while teaching these skills and partnering with mentors, KHERUT will pay survivors for their work, so they can truly start to live independently. The skills they will learn crossover into many different industries, and mentors will help them find their strengths to allow them to step out on their own when they are ready. The goal is for the women to choose their career whether in the restaurant business, a corporate sales job, a position in marketing, and more—the possibilities are endless.


We use the term “Pod” because it represents safety, teamwork, structure, and self-sustainability.

Each KHERUT Pod will be centered around a kitchen, which will be the hub for up to ten food trucks. KHERUT has partnered with churches located in business developments in the city of Anaheim, to provide a safe place for the women to serve the nearby businesses during lunch hour with fast, healthy meals. The central kitchen will also be a to go cafe, and the location will have office areas for business development, mentoring, and also provide child care for survivors’ kids.

This model will enable each KHERUT Pod to be self-funding after it is set up, which will be empowering for the women to achieve success independently.

Mentors to guide these survivors to find their career path will include KHERUT’s head chef and volunteers from local businesses and other nonprofit organizations.

This first Pod is a seed being planted in Anaheim, California to grow into a national and eventually a global initiative. Be a part of planting this seed, click here to see how you can help KHERUT to Keep Her Uplifted & Transformed.

*KHERUT is focused on female survivors, who make up over 90% of the trafficked victims in Orange County, and our hope is to eventually partner with and assist organizations who support male survivors. Due to the sensitivity of the background these survivors come from, we have been advised by the organizations we are partnering with to focus on a female only crew at KHERUT at this time. However, all survivors are important, and our goal with KHERUT is to inspire and assist other organizations locally and around the world with employment and career help for survivors.