An Encouraging End to 2020

Like so many companies, Kherut faced many challenges in 2020. In March, Yves and Jody made the difficult decision to close Yves’ Restaurant & Wine Bar and reimagine how the training process for Kherut employees would be implemented. Along came Highway 39 Event Center ( willing to partner with us; however, there were complications in that plan as well, and the shut down created many roadblocks to becoming operational. Through it all, Kherut has stayed focused and has not allowed these challenges to deter us from our goal. We have become more flexible in our plans and found new ways to partner amid the challenges.

This month the Kherut team, through Savor Great Food-Greater Good, served up 85 meals at Pathways of Hope to those who are experiencing hard times. Orange County United Way ( sponsored the meals, so it was an excellent partnership of a non-profit supporting a non-profit, supporting a non-profit, all for the good of the community.

It is through these moments we are reminded of the path we are on and that we are not walking this path alone. We hope that you will join us as we venture into 2021. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and become part of the Kherut team. Our hope and desire is to employ as many survivors as we possibly can and offer them a way to freedom and a new life. We look forward to partnering with you.

About Highway39

Highway 39 Event Center is a museum-quality venue that showcases an incredible collection of classic American cars, vintage neon signs, original 1950’s gas pumps and Cushman scooters. The unique and polished 1950’s auto shop theme is sure to rev up extra interest and fun to any type of event.

About Orange County United Way

Since 1924, Orange County United Way has been at the forefront of health and human care services in Orange County. While the community has changed over the years, our mission to improve lives and strengthen our community has remained the same, while our model has evolved to even more effectively address key critical issues.

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