January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Updated: Jan 11

We've put together a handy infographic that will help you recognize and take action. Download and share with your friends and family. We also have a list of links that provide additional support and information. Also, look at the bottom of this article for ways you can help!

Download as a PDF or ZIP'd JPG here:

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Kherut Prevent Trafficking
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If you believe you have identified someone still in the trafficking situation, alert law enforcement immediately at the numbers provided below.

For urgent situations, notify local law enforcement immediately by calling 911. You may also want to alert the National Human Trafficking Hotline described below so that they can ensure response by law enforcement officials knowledgeable about human trafficking.

Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline, a national 24-hour, toll-free, multilingual anti-trafficking hotline. Call 1-888-373-7888 to report a tip; connect with anti-trafficking services in your area; or request training and technical assistance, general information, or specific anti-trafficking resources.

Want to do more? Amplify the message with Kherut!

Kherut suggests amplifying the message today, by reaching out to your community. Here are some ways you can help:

  • Write or call your legislators and let them know your support policy that combats human trafficking.

  • Support events that improve awareness in your community, schools, and neighborhoods.

  • Empower young people to make the decision to leave an unsafe or suspicious environment.

Post the PDF above to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and Instagram Stories using the hashtag #HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay

Want another? Here's another short post you can send with suggested text:

Download as a ZIPFILE here:

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Kherut invites you to stay aware on this January 11th, 2020 #HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay. Visit us here (https://www.kherut.org/post/january-is-human-trafficking-awareness-month) to learn more and pass on to friends and family!

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