24-Hour Fundraiser Seeks to Raise $90K For Nonprofits Committed to Developing a Stronger Workforce in Orange County

Anaheim, Calif. (March 9, 2021)Kherut will partner with the Orange County Community Foundation (OCCF) and ten aligned nonprofits for The Future is Working Giving Day on March 25. The 24-hour online effort to bolster stronger workforce opportunities in Orange County aims to raise $90,000 for local nonprofits who are committed to creating pathways to success through employment and building a flexible and resilient workforce.

The Giving Day is an opportunity for donors to be part of a combined effort to build pipelines of opportunity through living-wage employment at a critical time. The 2020-2021 Orange County Community Indicators Report reveals that Orange County unemployment skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic and remains at historically high levels with a reduction of nearly 195,000 jobs as of July 2020 – translating to a 283% increase in total unemployment. Research also shows that those job losses have had a larger impact on our most vulnerable populations. Nearly 90,000 of those jobs were lost in the leisure, hospitality, or retail sectors – sectors that traditionally employ more people who are immigrants and/or people of color.

Through philanthropy, however, there is hope. The pandemic’s economic fallout has prompted a heightened urgency to address workforce development – and The Future is Working collaborative Giving Day will support 11 Orange County nonprofits continue to help employers, workers, students, and the most vulnerable residents adjust to rapidly changing economic conditions. Participating nonprofits include Kherut and Chrysalis; CIELO; Community Action Partnership Orange County; Hart Community Homes, Inc.; High School, Inc.; JVS SoCal; Orange County Conservation Corps; Taller San Jose Hope Builders; Youth Employment Service.

The Future is Working Giving Day is a vital opportunity to support nonprofits committed to building a thriving local workforce in the wake of the devastating economic effects of the pandemic,” said Shelley Hoss, president and CEO of the Orange County Community Foundation. “We are proud to power this collaborative effort to build a stronger, more resilient Orange County for all.”

Kherut is dedicated to providing participants with more than just a helping hand, providing ongoing emotional support, development of self-esteem and the opportunity to earn a sustainable living wage.

“Each of those whom we help (our team members) becomes part of a workplace family that fosters comradery, belonging and purpose. This is more than a job. It’s a chance to make an impact: to learn and to become part of a solution for others through guided on-the-job training and leadership.” said Jody Masquefa, Director of Operations and co-Founder of Kherut.

To give online during the 24-hour Giving Day, please visit For more information about Orange County Community Foundation Collaborative Giving Days, please visit

About Kherut

Kherut is a non-profit empowering survivors of sex trafficking, domestic violence, sexual abuse, imprisonment, and young women aging out of foster care, in a safe and supportive environment. We provide employment, training, and mentorship leading to long-term career opportunities and a path towards independence within our food services business platform. For more information, visit Be sure to follow us on social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About Orange County Community Foundation

Founded in 1989, the Orange County Community Foundation (OCCF) works with donors, strengthens the local nonprofit sector and works to find solutions to community needs. Since its inception, OCCF has awarded nearly $780 million in grants and scholarships, placing the organization in the top two percent in grantmaking among U.S. community foundations. For more information, visit or call 949-553-4202. Be a part of our conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. View OCCF's 2020 annual report here.


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