Sharing Love for Valentine’s Day

We’re going to propose something different this Valentine’s Day. Hear us out, then decide for yourself. This is not something that has to compete with the traditional dinner, flowers, chocolates, and jewelry. Instead, it may complement these other gifts in ways that hold even more meaning to your special someone.

What is this idea? Being kind and generous to the ones you love AND complete strangers at the same time.

According to Psychology Today, Kindness may be the key to romance. Not convinced? Check this article out: Want More Dates? Try Kindness | Psychology Today)

How can you demonstrate kindness that is above-and-beyond? Consider giving a gift on behalf of your loved one to their favorite charity. If they don’t have one, give one a try anyway. As you’ll see from the list below, the gift can take any number of forms (direct donation, repeating monthly donation or any number of other creative means to help).

Of course, Valentine’s Day is only one such celebration for a giving strategy like this. Demonstrate your love and care (and at the same time, provide valuable lessons in generosity to kids and family) during Christmas, birthdays, and a host of other gift-giving occasions. The choice is yours. Whatever you choose, we’re willing to bet this idea, turned into a tradition, will make the moment even more special for you and those you care about.

Here is a sampling of ideas as to how you can give creatively once you’ve identified a non-profit (like Kherut) to donate to:

  • Selling some of your stuff on eBay, Mercari, or yard sales

  • Organizing a local fundraiser

  • Donating a vehicle to charity

  • (raise money for a charity every time you open a tab in your browser)

  • (raise money while searching or shopping)

  • (a rewards program for mobile shoppers that allows shoppers to donate their earned points to worthwhile causes)

  • (walk, run or bike to earn money per mile for charity)

  • Amazon Smile: Connect your Amazon shopping experience to a charity (may we suggest Kherut at ?) Donate every time you purchase something you need, at no cost to you

In addition to direct and indirect donations, some brands donate matching goods for every purchase:

  • Warby Parker: Give a pair of glasses when you buy a pair (suspended, temporarily giving to Covid 19 relief)

  • Toms Shoes: Provides $1 for every $3 made

So, this Valentine’s Day, consider a gift that delivers love to your sweetheart and others, all at the same time. We have a feeling the generosity will fill your hearts with even more joy than a simple gift.

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