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It May Not Look the Way You Think...

…over 90% of new human trafficking victims each year in Orange County are female, US residents being trafficked for sex?

…Orange County is currently able to provide only about 1 month of employment assistance to survivors?

It’s time we give these survivors the career tools and opportunities they need to continue rebuilding their lives, so they have hope for an independent future…


Our name is inspired by the Hebrew phrase:
mi’avdut le’cherut • ”from slavery to freedom”
מעבדות לחירות


After witnessing the horrors of sex-trafficking in Ukraine and Kenya, Yves and Jody Masquéfa returned home to Orange County to find sex-trafficking was happening to Americans right here in their own backyard.  Once home, they met with local law enforcement and  organizations who rescue and rehabilitate victims. They discovered the real missing link to permanent change; training and long term employment opportunities in a safe and understanding workplace environment specifically for survivors. Using their 30+ years of experience in the restaurant business, they built a business model to fill this gap.  Kherut was born.


Kherut empowers survivors of human trafficking by providing education, mentorship and long-term employment opportunities in a safe and supportive environment.  Kherut’s innovative solution is to build commissary kitchens that will support up to 10 food trucks per location (a POD).  Working with partnering organizations such as Teen Project/Vera’s Sanctuary, Waymakers, Salvation Army, Casa Teresa and I Sanctuary, survivors will go through a paid four-phase training plan allowing them to learn skills in food service, cooking, catering, event planning, menu design, social media, customer service, bookkeeping, inventory control, marketing, sales, multitasking, and problem solving related to this business platform.  It is our goal that Kherut employees will want to grow with the organization and promote to higher level positions however, should they decide not to pursue a career with Kherut, these skills also crossover into many different industries giving them the experience and references they need to build their resumes.


Kherut is a unique and innovative business model designed specifically for the needs of the survivor community. Kherut will operate the commissary kitchens and food trucks under the name Savor in order to keep the anonymity of survivors.  Kherut’s unique truck design uses a combination of sous vide cooking techniques and Turbo Chef high-speed ovens allowing for production of all types of menus to be executed rapidly, revolutionizing the food truck industry.  Unlike other food trucks, our employment model does not require previous cooking experience or specialized training.  Instead, it encourages survivors to learn many different types of skills with great opportunity to grow.  In this time of incredible uncertainty, the trucks will be a source of unique hot meals and meal kits for delivery and drive-through pickup. Ultimately, trucks will be parked at contract locations including college campuses, breweries and private business parking lots giving each truck a captive customer base. Regardless of the circumstances, each POD has the ability to employ approximately 80-100 survivors allowing for optimum impact in numerous areas affected by human trafficking.


While Kherut’s target population is survivors of sex-trafficking, we will also provide opportunities to other at-risk women including those who have experienced abuse, rape, prostitution, prison, addiction, etc.  In addition, Kherut will also work with the youth in foster care and those aging out of the system in order to help prevent them from being lured into sex trafficking. 

KHERUT IS A 501(c)(3)  TAX ID #: 83-2816420