"A Night of Hope" - Funds Kherut's First Truck!

On Sunday, October 20th we hosted our first full fundraiser in order to raise funds to purchase Kherut’s first truck. The event was held at Yves’ Restaurant & Wine Bar and attended by nearly 80 guests!

With the amazing guidance and leadership of our Fundraising Committee, chaired by Pat McAuley and supported by Susan Debin, Shirley Moretti and Demetria Moore the restaurant was transformed into a wonderful “Night of Hope”! Of course the food was delicious (prepared by Chef Cassie, Yves & Jody’s youngest daughter), there were plenty of great Live and Silent Auction items and even a special performance by Mikayla Masquéfa (Yves and Jody’s oldest daughter) singing her own original song, “I Don’t Know” but the highlight of the evening was our two guest speakers:

First up was Lauri Burns from The Teen Project and Vera’s Sanctuary. Lauri has her own amazing story of coming from the foster care system right here in Orange County. She went from selling her own body to buy heroin to now rescuing nearly 1,000 girls from the streets through her non-profit, The Teen Project.

One of those young women Lauri has helped is Lacee Edwards. Lacee is currently a resident at Vera’s Sanctuary. Lacee shared her own story and how she now has hope for not only herself but also her daughter’s future. She is excited to be Kherut’s first employee and will begin training in the next couple of months.

The evening was a huge success as we received an incredibly generous donation from the “A Little Helping Hand” foundation as well as many very generous donations that evening. As a result, we were able to raise a grand total of just over $108,000! We are now able to hire and train our first employee, purchase the first truck and begin proving concept. We certainly have a lot ahead of us but we are on our way to this amazing dream becoming a reality!